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  • Binchotan charcoal
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Binchotan charcoal

Water purifying sticks

Set of 2 sticks

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Binchōtan (Japanese Oak) charcoal is high-grade charcoal and is prized for its natural way to purify water for a great taste. It has been used as water purifiers in Japan since the 17th century. They have an incredibly porous surface, which attracts contaminants found in tap water. These contaminant are then held in the surface of the carbon.

These charcoal bars bring water to a Ph level of exactly 7 and is the ideal starting point for tea.  It is also just great for your water in general with its excellent natural properties that help reduce odor and hardness from water, and filter for better tasting drinking water.


Two binchotan charcoal sticks are included in a package.
Use 1 stick for a personal water bottle and use 2 sticks for a carafe. 1 stick can filter up to 1 L (33.8 oz) of water.

Before using for the first time:
1. Rinse the sticks
2. Boil for 10min
3. Let dry
4. Drop into a bottle of water or carafe
5. Wait for 3-4 hours

Precautions & care

x Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality.

Each stick can be used for about three months. Reactivate the sticks by boiling them for 10min every two weeks.

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