How to drink Japanese tea

All teas have their own optimal steeping method that will unlock their best range of flavours. Water quality and temperature, as well as steeping time are some of the key components to a perfect cup of delicious tea, but the taste will depend on more factors listed below.

Japanese tea is traditionally steeped more than once, meaning that the same tea leaves are used several times and allowing for the beneficial constituents of tea to be released into the water (with the exception of matcha where the entire leaf is consumed as a powder). With each steeping a different taste is unlocked, and this is accomplished by changing different elements of the process, like the water temperature and steeping time.

Always remember your favourite way to steep your tea is for you to discover! See our steeping guides for each tea type here.

  • Water quality 
  • Water temperature 
  • Steeping time 
  • Pouring technique 
  • Tea ware 
  • Storage