We are a boutique Japanese tea merchant born in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

As a collective of tea enthusiasts, nothing makes us happier than sharing the most exquisite Japanese teas with people around the globe.

We believe that nature knows best, and we want to support those who believe in upholding traditions whilst paving new paths into the future.

Our mission is to share Japanese tea culture through a light-hearted, contemporary approach with the goal of building a sustainable future for the tea farmers and our planet.

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a | round tea

is a collaborative initiative 
where supporting each other and our communities is a preferred way of life.

It all starts around a cup of tea, 
where slowing down creates time and space,
where clearing mind and body fosters creativity,
where openness and dialogues introduce new perspectives,
where embracing culture and heritage inform future ideas,
where consumption is conscious and mindful.
where optimism shapes happiness and joie de vivre.

An open invitation to an ongoing conversation for positive changes.
With and For all of us. Here and Everywhere. Today and Everyday.

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