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04The Free Spirit

High Grade Hojicha Powder

Finely Ground Roasted Japanese Tea

Powder 100g / 3.5 oz

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  • Matcha’s friendly and versatile younger sister.
  • Nutty, caramel flavour with enchanting toasty aroma.
  • Get creative with endless steeping and cooking possibilities - lattes, smoothies, pastries, ice cream, and much more.
  • Ideal for caffeine sensitivities - enjoy its delightful taste at anytime of the day (or night).
  • Sustainable packaging : 100% plastic-free and fully compostable.
  • Each box is hand packed and individually signed by the tea producer.

A new wave from the ancient capital.

Our Hojicha powder is calling for all you mavericks out there! This finely ground roasted green tea offers freedom in how to enjoy it. Its nutty, caramel taste and easily-blended form makes it a great option to use for lattes, pastries, ice cream, and much more. The very fine granularity (10 micron) allows for the flavour, colour, and aroma to remain even after cooking or mixing with dairy products.

Low in caffeine, this blend can be enjoyed at any time of the day and in any form. Feel free to get creative with your brews and enjoy hojicha a new way every day!

This brown powder doesn’t care that it started out green, its spirit can’t be tamed – which makes it truly free!


Grown in: Kyoto, Japan
Blended and created by: tea master Koji Kagata
Type: Blend
Processing Method: Steamed, roasted and then ground


- Nutty, caramel flavour with enchanting toasty aroma
- The very fine granularity (10μm) means the flavour, colour and aroma will remain no matter how you use it (blended drinks, baking, etc.)

Naturally Grown

- Harvested from the second and third flushes
- Grown with no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers

Health benefits

- Lowest caffeine level of all Japanese teas -- the additional roasting burns away caffeine.
- Rich in antioxidants, which help protect you from molecules called free radicals, which are compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic disease.
- Helps reduce inflammation, boosts your immune system, and lowers cholesterol.
- Boosts your metabolism while aiding digestion.
- Full of theanine, an amino acid that induces relaxation and lowers anxiety.

Sustainable Package

While offering a prefect protection to the tea leaves, our packaging is :

- 100% compostable (Box and Pouch)
- 100% plastic free
- Made with recycled and plant based marterial only
- Printed with soy and vegetal ink

Steeping Guide

Discover all our steeping guides here.

But don't forget, your own perfect steeping way is yours to discover

Born and raised in the cradle of the Japanese the tea culture.

It is naturally grown in various tea gardens of the Kyoto region -- the heart and soul of the Japanese tea culture. As a tea-growing region, Kyoto has a long history going back to when a monk named Myoe, from the Togano Kozanji temple, received tea seeds from Eisai. Credited with founding the Japanese line of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism, he also brought back tea seeds from the Song Dynasty in China to Japan in 1191.

Kyoto has been the center of Japanese culture for centuries, and is the birthplace of sadō (The way of tea), Sencha leaves, and Gyokuro leaves (to name a few). While its production is smaller than Shizuoka (central Japan) and Kagoshima (southern island of Kyushu), the region grows and produces a wider variety of tea from a broader range of cultivars than any other region.

The Free Spirit is not only grown in Kyoto but also refined in the same region. Kyoto is also known throughout Japan for its expertise in tea refining and many brands still refine there, even if they harvest in other regions.

The leaves are carefully roasted and pulverized. Before pulverization, the leaves are sand-roasted according to the traditional Hojicha manufacturing method. This helps them obtain their signature combination of amber color, nutty and caramel flavor, and enchanting toasty aroma.

The Free Spirit is a true Kyoto baby, mixed of tradition and innovation.

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