Our Genmaicha is a Sencha with popped rice, and so it lends itself to the same ways of drinking it like the sencha: hot, cold and iced. It has strong umami, aroma, and sweetness, with little bitterness, making it a great introductory blend.

Experiment with the amount of tea leaves, steeping time, water temperature and other variables, and find your own method for your perfect cup of tea.

Click HERE to check out the fundamentals of tea steeping before you get started.

Hot toasted brew

2 servings

With hot brew, you can fully enjoy the specialty of Genmaicha: the rich aroma of roasted rice. Unlike other teas that tend to get bitter and astringent when brewed with high temperatures due to catechins and caffeins leaching out, Genmaicha has relatively few of these, which makes it refreshing and easy to drink.

For best results use tea wares at room temperature or pre-warmed, and good quality water.

Mizudashi cold brew

1 bottle

This is our favorite way to drink The Popstar! The rich, fun, refreshing drink is the perfect for hot summer.

Iced steeping

2 servings

By brewing it hot and cooling it with ice, you can enjoy Genmaicha cold without losing the rich flavor and nutty aroma. Keep in mind that the ice cubes contribute water to the overall water-tea ratio, so the more ice cubes you add, the less strong the tea flavor. We counterbalance this by making a stronger tasting tea to start by adding more leaves and steeping it longer.