As tea lovers we want to share the depth and beauty of Japan’s long standing tea traditions. Matcha is at the heart of this tea culture, and there are many different quality grades and uses, such as drinking it at a formal ceremony to baking with it.

Our selected matcha is organic, excellent ceremonial grade but can also be enjoyed as a high quality latte.

Click HERE to check out the fundamentals of tea steeping before you get started.

Traditional matcha

1 serving

In contrast to our loose leaf teas where about 30% to 50% of the beneficial constituents are extracted into the water through multiple steepings, with matcha all of the nutrients are consumed at once as the entire leaf has been powdered and dissolved in water.

Hot matcha au lait

1 serving

By far the most popular around the world, Matcha lattes are a delicious way to enjoy a creamy cup of Matcha. It's a great way to get introduced to Matcha and people of all ages enjoy drinking them!

Iced matcha au lait

1 serving

Skip the coffee shop and make your own with our ceremonial grade Matcha powder. Easy to make and take with you on the go, it's a healthy and delightful cold drink to enjoy.