Sencha is one of the most versatile Japanese teas and it can be steeped in a variety of ways.

Our Sencha "The Evergreen" is made in the Asamushi style, which is known for a light, fresh taste, and a little difference you make in steeping can bring out a range of flavors.

Experiment with the amount of tea leaves, steeping time, water temperature and other variables, and find your own method for your perfect cup of tea.

Click HERE to check out the fundamentals of tea steeping before you get started.

Traditional three-time hot steeping

2 servings

Sencha can be steeped multiple times, up to three times! For best results use tea wares at room temperature or pre-warmed, and good quality water. Generally you want to start with lower water temperatures and increase it with the steepings. Here is how we recommend it.

Mizudashi cold brew

Mizudashi refers to a cold steeping method in Japanese. The lower the temperature of the water used to brew Sencha, the more theanine is extracted, resulting in a mellow, umami flavor.

Iced steeping

2 servings

The rapid cooling of hot Sencha with ice cubes brings out a balanced flavour of sweetness and bitterness. Keep in mind that the ice cubes contribute water to the overall water-tea ratio, so the more ice cubes you add, the less strong the tea flavor. We counterbalance this by making a stronger tasting tea to start by adding more leaves and steeping it longer.