Our hojicha is a popular toasted green tea, ground to a fine powder. It is known to be low in caffeine, and its nutty, caramel taste and easily-blended form makes it a great option to use for lattes, ice cream, and much more.

Get creative with endless steeping and cooking possibilities!

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Hot Hojicha au lait

1 serving

This hot drink is low in caffeine, and helps your body warm and relax. Earthy and creamy, it is a soothing way to unwind.

Iced Hojicha au lait

1 serving

If you are looking for a creamy, refreshing beverage to help you cool off, look no further! It is a great alternative to a coffee latte as it provides a similar roasted taste but with less caffeine.

Hojicha affogato

1 serving

We are obsessed with this delicious treat! Feel free to enjoy as a midday pick-me-up or as a special dessert. The nutty, earthy taste from the Hojicha pairs well with the sweet pleasantness of the vanilla.