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Tea Bucks

Tea Pack for “Scene”

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Encased within a creatively designed traditional Japanese gift box are six meticulously selected tea bags by TEA BUCKS, tailored for everyday moments with humour, inviting even those uninitiated in the world of Japanese tea to enjoy in this accessible, and playful assortment.
Share this tea moment with a friend as every bag can be steeped twice.

1. One Cup While Reading a Book: Chamomile Hojicha - The gentle scent of chamomile from the roasted green tea creates the perfect atmosphere to relax as time passes by slowly.

2. One Cup With Music: Meoricha – A tea made from only the buds of the tea plant, you will be drawn into the sound with its deep and mellow flavor.

3. One Cup After Smoking: Hojicha – This tea exclusively made from stems brings out is even more fragrant than tea made from leaves. Its incredible scent will make you want to smoke more … green.  

4. One Cup If You Get Angry: Shirabone - The stalks are heated like a devil, and the white swollen stems look just like bones. You can enjoy the aroma of fire and the sweetness followed by the gentle flavor. It soothes the soul with its aroma and refreshing taste.

5. One Cup After Exercise: Cold Brew Green Tea - A tea that can simply be made by adding one tea bag in bottle of water and shaking it for 30 seconds. Its rich, fruit-like, and juicy sweetness will quench your parched throat after a workout and leaves you feeling refreshed.

6. One Cup After Toilet: Lemongrass Hojicha - The refreshing taste of lemongrass and the clear taste of roasted green tea. It is also recommended to make a latte by boiling it with milk and sugar. Both ice and hot are recommended.