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Komakichi Kubo


Matcha whisk

White bamboo

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This chasen is hand made by Master Craftsman Kubo Komakichi. Based in Takayama village in Nara (the cradle of Japan’s traditional chasen craftsmen), he is spearheading the next generation of chasen craftsmen family that stretches back over 500 years of history and expertise.

The white bamboo, hachiku, is air dried for three years before being hand-sculpted into one single piece. The way the chasen is shaved down to the millimeter affects the taste and texture of the tea your prepare. This 100-pronged chasen is the perfect whisk to make an even and silky foam from any kind of matcha or hojicha powder.

Handcrafted in Japan


Size: H 110mm (4.3") × W 60mm (2.4")
Colours: Natural | black string
Material: White bamboo
Made in Japan

Precautions & care

Handwash delicately.

x NOT Dishwasher safe

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