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  • Soba Choco set
  • Soba Choco set - Blue Bamboo Weave
  • Soba Choco set - White Bamboo Weave
  • Soba Choco set - Blue Cracked Ice
  • Soba Choco set - White Cracked Ice
  • Soba Choco set
  • Soba Choco set
  • Soba Choco set
  • Soba Choco set
  • Soba Choco set
  • Soba Choco set
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Soba Choco - Yunomi set

Set of 2 tea cups in wooden box

Available in 4 styles

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The "soba choco" is a perfect yunomi tea cup. whose trapezoidal shape has gone unchanged in the 400 years since its invention, traces its origins to Hizen (present-day Saga and Nagasaki Prefectures). This is home to the port of Imari, from which Imari porcelain spread throughout Japan. The popularity of porcelain soba choco cups soared during the Edo period in Japan, giving rise to many different designs. Creative ceramist BAR BAR has chosen to reproduce some of the most popular patterns of that era. We have selected two of our favourites designs to share with you.

Smaller in capacity (170cc | 5.7 oz), this tea set is perfect to truly appreciate every sip of your tea, especially if you like to re-steep your leaves two or three times.

Handcrafted in Japan

About the patterns:

Cracked Ice: Made in the fashion of “kanyu” crackled glazes, this pattern is often called “hyoretsu” (or cracked ice) for the jagged lines that resemble cracks in ice. The “hyoretsu” pattern is said to have come to Japan from China during the Southern Song dynasty.

Bamboo Weave: The bamboo weave pattern is a design based on baskets woven from bamboo. This pattern is said to be an effective talisman that wards off evil.

About the wooden box: The set comes in a traditional Japanese gift box made of Paulownia Wood. Named "the kanpai design" (kanpai means cheers in Japanese), it is inspired by our wish for a peaceful world. One day we hope that everyone around the world can raise their soba choco in a toast to peace.


Capacity: 170 cc | 5.7 oz
Size: ⌀ 80mm (3.1") × H 61mm (2.4")
Colours: White | Blue
Material: Porcelain
Made in Japan

Precautions & care

o Microwave safe

x NOT Dishwasher safe
x NOT oven safe

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