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yumiko iihoshi porcelain


Handmade Japanese teapot

Banko ware ceramics

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This minimalist and contemporary take on a traditional Japanese teapot, kyusu, is designed by artist Yumiko Iihoshi. It is traditionally handmade by Banko ware ceramics' artisans in the city of Yokkaichi, which has been a hub for fine crafted earthenware teapots for 300 years.

Made with fine-grained clays and baked without glaze, it doesn't absorb the smell of tea. This makes it a great choice to fully enjoy a variety of individual flavours, without any residual competing notes.

About Yumiko Iihoshi:

After graduating from Kyoto Saga University of Arts, studying as a porcelain major, she started her own porcelain collection under the name "yumiko iihoshi porcelain" in 2007. “It is my ideal to make pieces that are infused with nostalgia, inspiring people to reflect and reminisce about by gone time. The handmade line is not overly stylized or crafted."

Yumiko weaves delicate stories through her exquisite creations. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the medium, she breathes life into each porcelain masterpiece. Yumiko's artistry captures the delicate balance between simplicity and sophistication. Her pieces evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony. Through her expert craftsmanship, Yumiko invites us to embrace the elegance of simplicity and find solace in the gentle embrace of her porcelain works.

Handcrafted in Japan


Capacity : 260ml (about 8.1 oz)
Size in mm : ⌀ 102 mm (158 mm with handle) x h 71 mm
Size in inch : ⌀ 4" (6.2" with handle) x h 2.8"
Colour : Black
Material : Porcelain
Made in Japan

Precautions & care

Handwash only. The tea strainer holes inside the main body are made hole by the hands of craftsman, so they are more
delicate than other parts. Please refrain from washing with a hard sponge as it may cause damage.

X Not dishwasher safe
X Not oven safe
X Not microwave safe

- This teapot is finished by hand. Therefore each product might have a slightly different look than on the pictures.
- This series is made of red clay, which is unique to Banko and is carbonized and fired to a black

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