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Steep Love For Tea

Everything You Need To Enjoy Loose Leaf Tea

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Always wanted to say farewell to those tea bags and get serious about steeping loose leaves? This set has been meticulously curated for tea enthusiasts just like you. It marries two of Japan's timeless treasures: Sencha and Genmaicha. These organic leaves from Shizuoka bear the legacy of 15 generations of devotion by the loving Shigeta family. But that's not all; elevate your tea moment with an impeccable collection of artisanal tea ware, crafted in Japan by dedicated master craftsmen. An ode to the tea lover's soul, where every steep is a joyful journey of flavors, tradition, and passion.

The Steep Love For Tea Set contains :

  • 01 The Evergreen - Organic Single Estate Superior Sencha | 100g : The quintessence of Japanese green tea sourced exclusively from the highly coveted first spring harvest. A vibrant and invigorating flavour profile accompanied by notes of fresh spring grass, evocative of youthful energy and a zest for life.

  • 02 The Popstar - Organic Single Estate Superior Genmaicha | 100g  Experience a crisp and vibrant cup, brimming with the comforting warmth of expertly roasted rice.  Savour the perfect blend of sencha and popped brown rice, where the roasted rice kernels lend their nutty and aromatic essence to complement the refreshing astringency of green tea. 

  • Kyusu - Japanese Tea Pot This minimalist and contemporary take on a traditional Japanese teapot, kyusu, is designed by artist Yumiko Iihoshi. It is traditionally handmade by Banko ware ceramics' artisans in the city of Yokkaichi, which has been a hub for fine crafted earthenware teapots for 300 years.

  • Aikoma yunomi - Japanese Tea Cup : Crafted by creative ceramist BAR BAR from a long lineage of tradition and technique, refined in Hasami over four centuries. The slightly thick-bodied shape exudes warmth with hand-painted lines of varying shade and stress. The face of each dish is beautifully sculpted using the traditional kannabori technique, a Japanese form of decorative chattering. Enjoy its slighltly inward curve to rest your thumb for the perfect tea moment!

  • Yuzen Washi Chazutsu - Japanese Tea Canister wrapped in washi : The ideal storage to protect your tea leaves and powder from air, humidity, and smell. It features an inner lid for extra freshness. All Yuzen washi paper used was hand dyeing in Kyoto by skilled craftsmen.

    Each and every Yuzen Tea Canister is hand-finished for perfect precision and quality.


This set contains :
01 The Evergreen - Organic Single Estate Superior Sencha x 100g
02 The Popstar - Organic Single Estate Superior Genmaicha x 100g
Kyusu - Japanese Tea Pot x 1
Aikoma yunomi - Japanese Tea Cup x 1
Yuzen Washi Chazutsu - Japanese Tea Canister wrapped in washi x 1

Precautions & care

Kyusu :
Handwash only. The tea strainer holes inside the main body are made hole by the hands of craftsman, so they are more
delicate than other parts. Please refrain from washing with a hard sponge as it may cause damage.

X Not dishwasher safe
X Not oven safe
X Not microwave safe

Aikoma Yunomi :
o Dishwasher safe
o Microwave safe

x NOT oven safe

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