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  • Chakoshi Mug
  • Chakoshi Mug
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Dokodemo Chakoshi

Tea cup with strainer

Glass & Stainless Steel

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Fresher and more sustainable than teabags, brewing with loose-leaf tea brings out the full flavor and aroma. But let's be honest, sometimes you only want a single cup and don’t wish to brew an entire teapot. On these occasions, Dokodemo Chakoshi with it individual tea strainer is here for you!

Designed by MacMa, a creative teaware company focused on "Design & Function" started in 2007. They are only available in Japan and we are proud to support sharing their incredible products with you and the world.

About the name

Chakoshi (茶漉し) means "tea strainer" in Japanese
Dokodemo (どこでも) means "Anywhere" in Japanese referring to its ease of use in any locations or situations as a set, as a cup alone or as a tea strainer for your favorite cup.  


Capacity : 350mL (about 8.1 oz)
Size in mm : ⌀ 82 mm x H 100mm x W115mm with handle
Size in inch : ⌀ 3.2" x H 3.9" x W 4.5" with handle
Material: Heat Resistant Glass

Size in mm : H 105mm x W 65mm
Size in inch : H 4" x W 2.5"
Material: Stainless Steel

Designed in Japan
Made in China

Precautions & care

o Dishwasher safe
o Microwave safe

Strainer :
o Dishwasher safe
x Microwave safe

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