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Matcha Lover

Everything You Need To Prepare Matcha

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In love with Matcha and eager to master the art of whisking? Or, perhaps, you yearn to share this passion with your loved one? The Matcha Lover Set has been meticulously curated for enthusiasts just like you.
The set gathers all the essentials for embracing your Matcha fervor to its utmost. It not only equips you for crafting your dream Matcha with precision but also takes you into uncharted realms with a pouch of Hojicha Powder, Matcha’s friendly and versatile younger sister.  

An harmonious blend of tradition and exploration, awaiting to start with a perfect whisked froth.

The Matcha Lover Set contains:

  • 05 The Regal - Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha | 100g : Indulge in this vibrant organic ceremonial grade matcha and experience the essence of spring in every cup. A journey of taste with a depth of mellow umami, complemented by a delightful balance of sweet and vegetal notes.

  • 04 The Free Spirit - Premium Hojicha Powder | 100g  Matcha’s friendly and versatile younger sister. Boasts a toasty aroma that will leave you spellbound, while its nutty and caramel notes offer a delightful taste experience that is second to none. Get creative with endless steeping and cooking possibilities - lattes, smoothies, pastries, ice cream, and much more.

  • Chasen - Matcha Whisk  Hand made by Master Craftsman Kubo Komakichi from a craftsmen family that stretches back over 500 years of history and expertise. The white bamboo, hachiku, is air dried for three years before being hand-sculpted into one single piece. This 100-pronged chasen is the perfect whisk to make an even and silky foam from any kind of matcha or hojicha powder.

  • Chashaku - Matcha Spoon : Recommended by Master Kubo Komakichi who crafted our chasen, this matcha spoon is handmade by craftsmen in Nara - the cradle of bamboo made tea ware in Japan. Perfect to scoop your matcha or hojicha powder in the exact amount you desire, this light and beautiful chashaku is the paramount matcha item to pair with your chasen.

  • Aikoma chawan - Matcha Bowl : With its large aperture is ideal to whisk your matcha or hojicha powder. Crafted by creative ceramist BAR BAR from a long lineage of tradition and technique, refined in Hasami over four centuries.

    The slightly thick-bodied shape of the Aikoma series exudes warmth with hand-painted lines of varying shade and stress. The face of each dish is beautifully sculpted using the traditional kannabori technique, a Japanese form of decorative chattering. 


The Set contains :
05 The Regal - Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha | 100g
04 The Free Spirit - Premium Hojicha Powder | 100g
Chasen - Matcha Whisk x 1
Chashaku - Matcha Spoon x 1
Chawan - Matcha Bowl x 1

Precautions & care

Chasen & Chashaku :
Handwash delicately.
x NOT Dishwasher safe

o Dishwasher safe
o Microwave safe

x NOT oven safe

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