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Uncharted Tea Journey

Embark on a Delightful Adventure

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Looking to venture into unknown tea territories? Discovering new flavors and experiences? The Uncharted Tea Journey Set has been designed around The Wild One, our extremely rare wild organic yamacha, so uniquely fierce, it defies description. A smoky aroma and bold taste that will delight even the most discerning palates. To fully enjoy the depth and width of the world of Japanese tea, we added The Popstar, our organic superior Genmaicha, that expertly blends sencha from the highly coveted first flush and popped brown rice. To enhance your tasting experiences, the Dokodemo Chakoshi with its fine mesh tea strainer is the ideal steeping tool for the very delicate tea leaves of the Yamacha. Last but not least, the chazutsu will help keep your leaves fresh and protected from air, humidity, and smell.

The Uncharted Tea Journey Set contains:

  • 03 The Wild One - Rare Wild Organic Yamacha | 60g :  An unparalleled flavour profile in its boldness and uniqueness. The Wild One defies convention by eschewing any hint of bitterness, and instead delivers a smoky, earthy, and well-rounded taste. Wild organic tea leaves, meticulously hand-picked from the verdant forests by the local community. Processed by award-winning Tea Master Yoichi Kourogi in the ancient Kamairi (pan-fried) technique.

  • 02 The Popstar - Organic Single Estate Superior Genmaicha | 50g Experience a crisp and vibrant cup, brimming with the comforting warmth of expertly roasted rice.  Savour the perfect blend of sencha and popped brown rice, where the roasted rice kernels lend their nutty and aromatic essence to complement the refreshing astringency of green tea. 

  • Dokodemo Chakoshi - Tea Cup with Strainer  Designed by MacMa, a creative teaware company focused on "Design & Function" started in 2007. They are only available in Japan and we are proud to support sharing their incredible products with you and the world. Chakoshi (茶漉し) means "tea strainer" in Japanese
    Dokodemo (どこでも) means "Anywhere" in Japanese referring to its ease of use in any locations or situations as a set, as a cup alone or as a tea strainer for your favorite cup.  

  • Soba Choco yunomi - Japanese Tea Cup :

    The "soba choco" is a perfect yunomi tea cup. whose trapezoidal shape has gone unchanged in the 400 years since its invention. The popularity of porcelain soba choco cups soared during the Edo period in Japan, giving rise to many different designs. Creative ceramist BAR BAR has chosen to reproduce some of the most popular patterns of that era. The Cracked Ice pattern is made in the fashion of “kanyu” crackled glazes, this pattern is often called “hyoretsu” (or cracked ice) for the jagged lines that resemble cracks in ice. The “hyoretsu” pattern is said to have come to Japan from China during the Southern Song dynasty.

  • Yuzen Washi Chazutsu - Japanese Tea Canister wrapped in washi : The ideal storage to protect your tea leaves and powder from air, humidity, and smell. It features an inner lid for extra freshness. All Yuzen washi paper used was hand dyeing in Kyoto by skilled craftsmen.

    Each and every Yuzen Tea Canister is hand-finished for perfect precision and quality.


The Roast & Steam Tea Set contains:

03 The Wild One - Rare Wild Organic Yamacha x 60g
02 The Popstar - Organic Single Estate Superior Genmaicha x 50g
Dokodemo Chakoshi - Tea cup with strainer x 1
Soba Choco - Japanese Tea Cup x 1
Yuzen Washi Chazutsu - Japanese Tea Canister wrapped in washi x 1

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